Art Requirements

Home Art Requirements
  • Most of the customization we do uses vector art. Vector art is anything CREATED in a program with files ending in .eps, .cdr, or .ai. Some examples of software where vector art is created are Corel or Adobe Illustrator. Please convert any artwork to curves before sending it to us so that fonts and other parts of your image open correctly.
    1. ***If you are submitting a rush order that is needed in less than standard production time and have a specific logo, vector art is required.
    2. Low-resolution images such as those from the Internet imported into vector art software DOES NOT make the image vector art. This image will still need to be recreated.
  • If a vector image cannot be obtained, the next best option is a .pdf
  • We do accept jpeg images although they will need to be recreated by our graphic artist. This takes times and may be subject to an art rush fee if the order is needed in less than our lead time
    1. Any art that is recreated for any reason may be subject to additional fees
  • We also accept hand drawn images. If this is all you have, please make sure to go over the image with a fine tipped Sharpie before bringing it in. This insures that your image will scan correctly.