Learn about what it takes to process your screen printing order.


Email, call or come into our store to place an order. At the time of order, please have your artwork either with you or attach it to your order if emailed. If you are short on ideas, we are always happy to create a series of custom designs for you that you can choose from!


Your artwork will be sent to the artist where it generally takes 10 business days to recreate and get ready for printing


After 10 business days you will receive a proof of your artwork via email, which includes, the image on the garment you selected, the total number and sizes of the garments ordered, and the specs of the design. Please check the accuracy of the image as well as the spelling of any text in your design. If your image is ready to print, please send us an email reply indicating that. If you would like to make any changes, please email and indicate that the design is not acceptable and detail what changes you would like to be made.


If changes need to be made, you will exchange a series of emails with the artist until the image looks how you envisioned it. At this point, it is ready to print!


Once artwork is approved, printing is generally done within 24-48 hours with the only exclusion being Fridays (orders would be printed on the following Monday or Tuesday).


Screen printing works well on these products:

T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, sweatpants, shorts,
jerseys, and some blankets.

We do not recommend printing on items made of nylon such as jackets and bags; however, it is possible. We absolutely cannot screen print any garments made of fleece, non-clothing items such as promotional products, or accessories such as headwear, socks, gloves and scarves.

We do accept provided garments.



We require a minimum of 6 items for screen printing. There is no maximum but price per piece decreases as the number of items ordered increases.



Pricing is based on quantity, design location(s), and number of colors in the design.   We include all set-up and artwork fees in our pricing. Rush charges may apply in extreme circumstances. All pricing is done on an order-to-order basis.



The average turnaround time is 2-2.5 weeks. Turnaround times do vary depending on season so please contact us well in advance to get the most up to date lead times.


  • Screen printing uses vector art. Vector art is anything CREATED in a program with files ending in .eps, .cdr, or .ai. Some examples of software where vector art is created are Corel or Adobe Illustrator. Please convert any artwork to curves before sending it to us so that fonts and other parts of your image open correctly.
    1. ***IMPORTANT***If you are submitting a rush order that is needed in less than a week and have a specific logo, vector art is required.
    2. Low-resolution images such as those from the internet imported into vector art software DOES NOT make the image vector art. This image will still need to be recreated.
  • If a vector image cannot be obtained, the next best option is a .pdf
  • We do accept jpeg images although they will need to be recreated by our graphic artist. This takes times and may be subject to an art rush fee if the order is needed in less than our lead time.
  • We also accept hand drawn images. If this is all you have, please make sure to go over the image with a fine tipped Sharpie before bringing it in. This insures that your image will scan correctly.