Learn about what it takes to process your tackle twill order.


Email, call or come into our store to place an order!


When you place your order, you can look at color swatches for the twill we have available. You will indicate to the sales associate the colors and locations of colors you would like to use for your order.


Unless specifically requested, there will be no additional contact between the customer and ourselves until the order is completed unless we have a specific question or concern during production.


Tackle twill works well on these products:

Jerseys, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants,
bags, blankets, and warm-ups.

We do not recommend tackle twill for thin material or slim fitting clothing. The process we use can often stretch and damage these garments or make the design appear bunched on the garment after production.

We do accept provided garments.



There is no minimum or maximum for tackle twill; however, ordering more garments can garner greater discounts but requires a longer lead time to complete.



Pricing is per letter/patch/number per color (i.e. if you want NAME on the back of your garment in 2 colors, you would be charged for 8 letters instead of 4). Price varies based on size of letter/number/patch. Discount may be given to larger orders. All fees apply even if you provide the fabric.



Our average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks; however it can be as long as 4-6 weeks during our busier months such as during bids and crossing when orders of this type significantly increase. Please contact us well in advance to get the most up to date lead times.



Tackle twill is for the application of patches, lettering (including greek letters), numbering and some appliqués. Therefore, artwork is not required from the customer unless you are looking for something very specific.