Top 5 Ways to Rep Your Team

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We love our teams! From high school baseball to professional football, there is at least one team that’s close to all our hearts. When the big game comes, are you ready to rep your team and show your pride?

Whether it’s because of too many options or simply not enough, it can often be hard to find the perfect swag to sport when you’re cheering them on. That’s why we put together our top 5 ways to get creative and support your team through thick and thin!

1. Banners and Signs

Time to get crafty! If you have tickets to the big game, and they allow support in the form of signage, it’s time to hit up your local craft store. Buy some poster board, paint, and maybe even splurge on some glitter. Nothing is too good for your team, right? Paint your favorite player’s name, number or an inspiring quote and show just how die-hard you can be!

2. Makeup and Hair

This one isn’t just for the ladies. Dare to be the crazy fan who sports face paint and hair dye — temporary, of course! With this form of team spirit, you can go as subtle or bold as you want. It works for live events, as well as your next watch party!

3. A New Recipe

Hosting a party for the next game? Ditch the tired chips and dip and opt for a new, team-themed dish. Go to Pinterest to find some ideas that you can adapt to your favorite sport, team or player. Your guests will be impressed! Guess who just became the ultimate fan?

4. Music

Blast your team’s song on the way to the game. This could be an official song for the franchise, or just one you think embodies the spirit of your team. Or, if you’re feeling really creative, write lyrics to a whole new song to bring with you! Your enthusiasm and love for the game will be so contagious, you’ll have everyone in the stands singing along.

5. Custom T-shirts

Sometimes the t-shirts available for your favorite team just don’t cut it. Do you ever wish you could easily design the shirt you’ve been looking for to really rep your team? At Special Tees, we can help make that vision come to life on a great looking, quality t-shirt… one that will withstand all the dirt, Gatorade and champagne of a winning season!

Come learn more about all the custom t-shirt options Special Tees has to offer!

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